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Tag: Hip pain

Jan 8

What is hip replacement? — Hip replacement is a type of surgery in which a doctor replaces a person’s hip joint with a man-made hip joint. The hip joint is a type of joint called a “ball and socket joint.” It’s called that because the top of the thigh bone is ball-shaped and fits into

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Sep 2

Arthritis is one of the most common reasons that people will come to an orthopedic surgeon.  I find that more often than not a true understanding of what the term “arthritis” means is the first and most useful step in helping to define a treatment plan that is individually tailored.  I aim to help in

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May 7

The idea of joint replacement can be rather daunting. Those that are suffering from severe or chronic joint pain often shy away from surgery due to worry of a long recovery period, especially those considering hip, shoulder, and knee joint replacement. Oftentimes, the information about these procedures are misconstrued and the fear is unnecessary. The

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